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Elite+ Warranty

Buying a diamond piece of jewellery is a special moment and we want you to be confident that you have made the right choice.  

Especially for our customers who purchase a diamond solitaire ring with a diamond weighing at least 0,10 ct from our online store, we offer a 2-year replacement warranty Elite+. It gives our customers the right within this two-year period to replace (once) the ring they have purchased, if they wish, for another piece of jewellery of their choice.

The condition is that the price of the new item is no lower than the price of the originally purchased item. If the price of the new item(s) is higher, the difference in the prices can be paid additionally by the customer. Any other additional costs which arise in the process of replacement, such as delivery costs for example, are to be borne by the customer.  

When delivering the replacement, the merchant has the right to check for compliance between the item presented by the customer with its embedded gemstones and the description in the accompanying certificate. In case of any doubt about the compliance, the merchant has to right to deny the warranty claim.

Elite+ Warranty does not entitle the customer to monetary reimbursement of the value of the originally purchase item. The warranty only applies to items purchased from the online store

 If you already own a diamond piece from Elite Precious and wish to use your Elite+ warranty, you can contact our consultants at + 359 894 467 641 (business days), to arrange the replacement.

We wish you pleasant shopping!