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Our wedding bands are made to order - in your size and according to your deisgn preferences. The price of wedding bands, unlike the rest of the jewellery we offer, depends on their weight.

In order for us to be able to prepare an offer for you as quickly as possible, please, send us an inquiry in which you provide us the following details:

  • Size of the ring(s)
  • Preferred colour of gold / combination of colours
  • Gemstones - whether to include any and what kind
  • Width of the ring(s)
  • Deadline for delivery


Colour of gold:

White gold (If you wish, when submitting your order, you can choose a different colour of gold, and determine its position on the ring)


Manually mounted zircon (When submitting an order, you can choose whether to have a gemstone embedded in the ring and what kind: zircon or diamond, or to leave it without gemstones.)


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This product is produced manually and meets the highest standards in the contemporary jewellery manufacturing, as well as the latest fashion trends in fine jewellery.

The wedding band can be manufactured according to the preferences of each customer. You can choose the design, the color of gold to be used.

The colour options are: white, yellow, rose, black and brown gold, as well as combinations between them.

The gemstones embedded in the wedding bands, are mounted manually, which contributes to their durability. You can also choose the type of gemstone to be used - there are many options which are entirely up to your taste. With us you can determine where on the band you would like the gemstones to be mounted, how many of them you would like and what kind (zircons, diamonds).

If you would prefer a more simple design, we can produce the ring without any gemstones. If you wish, we can also offer manually engraved - the price for this service is 15 BGN.

What is my size?

It is very important that the size you order is correct, since these rings are produced especially for you. The possibilities for resizing are limited. If you are not sure about your size, please, call us at +359 894 467641, so we can advise you how to measure your size precisely. Depending on the design, the size of the wedding bands can vary between 40 and 75.

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